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While some Americans love being able to work out of their homes, many are struggling with this significant change in their work environments. If you are accustomed to working in an office or traveling throughout the day, it can be difficult to adjust to working from home during business hours. Consider the following potential benefits of working from home as a real estate agent during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Improved work-life balance 

A vast majority of American workers do not enjoy long work commutes. Not only can traveling to work every day be expensive, but it is time-consuming. Now that many employees have the opportunity to work from home, they can also enjoy less time spent driving, sitting in traffic, or dealing with public transportation. This time saved from eliminating your commute can now be used to spend more time with your family, exercising, or personal hobbies you would otherwise not have the time for on a typical work day. 

Reduced stress

People generally feel at ease when they are at home. When a person is more satisfied with their surroundings, particularly in their work space, they tend to feel happier and more productive throughout the day. As a result, they are more efficient in their role with greater job satisfaction. 

Increased productivity

While this is not necessarily the case for every agent, many agents are more productive when they are working out of their homes. This is because office settings can sometimes be loaded with distractions from working with members of a team. When an agent can work in a remote setting, they can tailor their workspace to make it an ideal personalized workspace. For example, an agent may enjoy working in a room with windows or prefer to work with soft background music playing to help them concentrate.

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