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We must not forget that buying a home is an investment. If you plan to sell your home in the near or distant future you must at least consider potential upgrades that will help your home sell quicker and for a higher price. Here are just a few home improvements that every seller should consider before listing their home. 

Replacement Windows

People today want energy efficient homes. Not only are new energy efficient windows aesthetically pleasing, but they help to save homeowners a lot of money on their utility bills. If your home currently features old, outdated windows you should consider replacement windows prior to listing your home. In most cases, you will recoup most of the investment after you sell this your home. 


You can’t say enough about the importance of landscaping when it comes to selling your home. Curb appeal will draw potential buyers to your home and creates a positive first impression. The great thing about investing in landscaping is that it does not necessarily need to be expensive. A splash of color from a few new flowers and plants can go a long way. Many sellers like to improve their walkways to make the home more inviting. 

Bathroom remodeling

In almost all cases, remodeling a bathroom proves to be a successful investment. Most buyers are looking for clean, fresh, and modern bathrooms. Items to consider upgrades include the tub, the tile, the sink, toilet, vanity, and other fixtures. Even a fresh coat of paint will go a long way to revitalize an outdated bathroom.

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The process of buying a home is exciting, as well as nerve wracking. For many, a home is the biggest purchase a person will make in their entire life. With many aspects to consider, it is easy for a buyer to overlook some important details during their home search. Here are a few of the top things homebuyers overlook today.

Added Costs

All too often buyers today get wrapped up in the cost of the downpayment and overlook other costs associated with purchasing a home. In many cases, buyers are not financially prepared for additional closing costs, property taxes, and lender fees. When formulating a budget, it is important to factor these into your math to ensure you can still afford the home purchase. You always want to provide yourself with enough cushion so you do not overextend yourself. 


This is without question one of the most overlooked details by buyers today. For some, limited parking is not an issue; however, for many people, it can be quite the burden. This may need to be a compromise if you find the right home, but it needs to be at least a consideration during a home search.

HOA Rules

Homeowners associations are not for everyone. If the home you are considering is part of an HOA be sure that you take a long look at the conditions and restrictions. You do not want to realize after the fact that you are unhappy with the rules. For example, some HOAs have pet restrictions, which is a deal break for many families. It is also extremely important to factor the HOA fees into your budget because they may push a home out of your price range.

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The COVID-19 pandemic made virtual tours more popular than ever before. Due to various social distancing measures over the past year, homebuyers relied heavily on virtual tours to view listings without leaving their home. As we slowly return to normalcy in our country, many are wondering whether or not virtual home tours will continue to be as popular. With this, here are a few of the main reasons why virtual home tours are definitely here to stay.

Virtual tours help to identify serious buyers.

One of the reasons why agents and sellers like virtual tours is because they help to identify serious buyers. While this is not always the case, it is fair to assume that a buyer who visits a listing in person after seeing the virtual tour online is seriously considering making an offer on the home.

A virtual tour can expedite a home search.

In a sellers market, listings usually do not last very long. A motivated buyer does not want to waste time considering properties containing deal-breakers. A virtual tour allows buyers to gain a pretty good understanding of a home listing. In many cases, a buyer can quickly rule out a home based on things they see in a virtual tour. Residential real estate is quickly becoming one of the fastest moving industries in our country. Any tools that can help a buyer, seller, or agent work to expedite their goals should be worth considering.

Buyers are seeking out virtual tours for convenience.

Because virtual tours have become increasingly popular, more buyers are looking for them during their home search. Real estate businesses who do not invest in virtual tours run the risk of appearing outdated. This is especially true if an agent's local competitors are using them.

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Your real estate agent can be the difference of whether or not you have a pleasant home buying experience or a terrible one. The right agent can lend their expertise every step of the way and find a variety of properties that may work for you. However, every home buyer needs to be careful when choosing an agent. With this here are some helpful tips for choosing the right real estate agent in 2021.

Ask friends and family members for recommendations

While this may seem obvious, it should always be on this list because it never hurts to hear other people’s opinions. While it's helpful to read online reviews, it is usually better to speak with individuals you know personally and fully trust. More than likely, you have a few friends and family members who can refer you to a reputable agent that they have worked with in the past and had a positive experience with. 

Find someone who has a similar personality

Do not be afraid to interview a few agents before choosing one. It is important that you find someone who you are compatible with from a personality standpoint. More than likely, you are going to be spending a lot of time with this person, you want to choose someone you can enjoy or even just tolerate being around. 

Choose someone who has experience in your area(s)

It is almost always in your best interest to select a real estate agent who has experience in your desired area(s). If they are familiar with an area they are better resources than agents who have never worked in a city or neighborhood. Always be sure to ask this question when interviewing agents.

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With summer officially here, we can start discussing some of the best home buying advice for this time of the year. Because of the warm weather, buying a home in the summer can be quite enjoyable. However, because many people are looking to buy in the early summer months, you need to be prepared for competition. Read on and discover a few home buying tips that can help you purchase the right home this season.

Do not write-off fixer uppers

In a sellers market, your options are probably limited. For this reason, you may need to consider homes that need some work. Many buyers today are looking for move-in ready homes; however, homes that have good bones and only need cosmetic changes may be the route you want to take this summer. 

Do not neglect older home listings

People often assume that there are issues with homes that do not fly off the market. It is especially easy to assume this in a sellers market where homes are being sold within days. While this is sometimes the case, it is not always true. It may be that the seller decided to pull out of a deal. Because many buyers are resistant to consider older listings in hot markets, you may find yourself a deal waiting to be had. Do not leave stones unturned because you might find a gem that has been sitting for several weeks.

Be aggressive when making an offer

In a highly competitive market, buyers may need to make an offer immediately after touring a home. A prepared buyer who is preapproved and knows their budget, can make their strongest offer right off the bat. You should know how much you can put down on the home to strengthen your offer. When homes are flying off the market, you can’t afford to sit around and wait.

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There are a multitude of aspects to consider when buying a home. In many cases, buyers make the mistake of looking only at the short-term during their home search. It is easy to get caught up on things you need or want right now, but neglect to see the big picture. If you plan on being in this home for several years, you need to think long-term to help your future self. Read on and discover a few long-term considerations when buying a home. 

The number of bedrooms and bathrooms

If you plan on growing your family in the coming years, this is extremely important to consider. Unless you are okay with moving again or building onto your home, you need to factor the space needed to accommodate your number of family members. Most children today do not like sharing bedrooms, and parents typically want their own separate bathroom.

The outdoor living space

For many buyers, having ample outdoor living space is more of a need than a want. Many buyers today want large backyards for entertaining guests and for their children to play. If you have or plan on having pets, this is something that you must consider. Many people also want to have enough yard space for gardening, playing sports, and other outdoor hobbies

The investment potential 

Do not forget that purchasing a home is an investment and should be treated like one. All too often buyers allow their emotions to dictate their decision-making process during their home search. You must always put logic ahead of your emotions because that will allow you to make the best financial decision. While you may come across a beautiful home that pulls at your heartstrings, you need to ensure that the home won’t hurt you financially in the future.

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